Got $30,000 to burn? This tasteless Apple Watch strap could be for you.

Is this the ugliest Apple Watch strap ever?

Don't you just hate it when you buy Apple's latest device and it's all stylish and desirable? Wouldn't you just love to ditch Jony Ive's carefully considered minimalist designs and go for something more gaudy? Well now you can, and it will only cost you $30,000.

If the upcoming Apple Watch is too stylish for your tastes and you have more money than fashion sense, then diamond importers Mervis have the wrist band for you.

The rose gold Apple Watch design comes with a wristband that contains more than 15 carats of diamonds. Perhaps most impressively, for a watch that costs $30,000 it manages to look spectacularly cheap and tacky.

If you're wallet is just crying out for a pounding, head over to Mervis' website for more information. Just don't be surprised if your friends begin shunning you every time you whip out your watch.

Apple Bling

The Apple Watch isn't the first of the Cupertino company's desirable devices to be afflicted with tasteless make overs. Let these be a warning that sometimes less can be a lot more....

The $19,000 iPad

Mervis, the diamond importers responsible for the ghastly Apple Watch strap above, have form in taking Apple's products, covering them in diamonds and then selling them for ridiculous prices.

The original iPad got the Mervis treatment with 11.43 carats of diamonds adorning the case for a whopping $19,000.

Gold iPhone 5S

Solid Gold Superstar ICE iPhone 5S

The appropriately named Gold Genie website proves that money can't buy taste.

The Solid Gold Superstar ICE iPhone 5S is not only encased in 200 grams of solid 18k gold, but it can also be covered in 364 diamonds – or any precious stone that you'd like. The price is steep at £54,400 excluding VAT, but hey at least the shipping is free.

Gold MacBook

Custom Polished & Engraved 24kt Gold Macbook Pro (Retina) 13"

Don't just cover your Macbook Pro in 24 karat gold, get it polished and engraved as well. Also chuck in a purple keyboard because it's looking just a little bit too subtle to your tastes. Luxury Electronics only build these Macbooks to order, and will charge $15,500.