Google Workspace is getting a neat free productivity upgrade

Google Tables is designed to improve the way remote teams work

Google Tables brings remote teams closer together
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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, companies around the world have been forced to adapt to hybrid working environments. The traditional office working setup now seems old hat, with more and more teams choosing to utilise virtual office environments for increased productivity and a better work-life balance.

When it comes to working from home, the Google Workspace suite of apps is the top dog. Most famous for apps like Google Sheets and Google Docs, the collection offers brilliant alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite. 

Plus, thanks to the web-based nature of the apps, they work effortlessly for virtual teams. Multiple users can edit documents at the same time, enabling colleagues to collaborate from anywhere.

Now, there's a significant upgrade coming to the Google Workspace suite in the form of a new app. Google Tables is currently in Beta testing, but Google have confirmed that they are working on a full release, which should come out soon.

So, what is Google Tables, and how does it work? Let's take a look.

What is Google Tables?

On the face of it, Google Tables looks like an extra slick variant of Google Sheets. It's basically a more advanced spreadsheet engine, which allows you to manage tasks and databases more intuitively. It's similar to Notion, actually, though Google's interface feels more intuitive.

One of the coolest bits about Tables is that you can automate certain processes, to help streamline your business operations. For example, you can assign regular reports to go out via email, or set up an automated email when a task is assigned to someone, notifying them of what has been asked of them.

The Tables from Area 120 by Google YouTube channel is packed full of helpful tips and informative videos to help you get started. It also gives us a chance to see the user interface, which will look very familiar to anyone who uses Google Workspace already.

Can I use Google Tables now?

If you're in the USA, yes. You can use the Beta version on Google's Area 120 webpage. Currently, the geo-restrictions on that site won't allow me to use it in the UK, and suggests that the USA is the only place where users can download the Beta currently.

However, Google has confirmed that the product will launch as a full app, so expect a full update at some point in the future. Initially it was expected by June this year, so hopefully it rolls out sooner rather than later.

Need training on how to use Google Workspace? Check out the widget below.

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