Google Pixel Watch drops to all time low price in Prime Day deal

Snag a top smartwatch for less, with this Amazon Prime Day special price

The Google Pixel Watch in Hazel one a red and purple background
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The Google Pixel Watch was unveiled last year. The device marked the first new product in the smartwatch market for the tech giant since it acquired Fitbit. It came out swinging.

When we tested the Pixel Watch, our reviewer was impressed with the design, which finally showed off the real promise of WearOS. He went even further, praising the device for "finally [offering] a viable Apple Watch alternative for Android phone users."

Now, you can get the Pixel Watch cheaper than ever before. In one of the best Amazon Prime Day deals you're likely to see today, you can pick up the smartwatch with LTE connection capabilities for just £255 – saving you £124!

Google Pixel Watch: was £379, now £255 at Amazon

Google Pixel Watch: was £379, now £255 at Amazon
Save £124 on the Google Pixel Watch this Amazon Prime Day. You'll get a capable smartwatch to pair with your Android phone of choice, complete with LTE connectivity for use without your phone to hand. Oh, and it's mighty stylish to boot – what's not to love?

So what can you expect from the Pixel Watch? Well, obviously it's a pretty decent fitness tracker. Those Fitbit credentials aren't lost here, and Google have integrated some of that tech to make a capable health monitoring machine.

It's also devilishly handsome. Compared to the slightly soulless block that is the Apple Watch, the Pixel is svelte and sexy – particularly in the Hazel colour! That combination of sage green and rose gold looks just as good here as on the Google Pixel 7 Pro – to die for.

It's not just a pretty face, though. Corning Gorilla Glass on the dial ensures it can live up to the rigors of daily use without fear of scratches and cracks. The domed effect of that glass is really classy, too. The dial pops beautifully.

And of course, because this is a Google product, the operating system works flawlessly. WearOS won't be new to anyone who likes a good smartwatch, but it really does come alive here. You just know that the software and hardware have all been designed to integrate perfectly.

At £255, it's a significant chunk cheaper than retail, too. If you're on the hunt for a quality smartwatch to use with your Android phone of choice, this might just be the best option around.

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