You won't find a better Google Pixel 3 Black Friday deal than this

Use our exclusive TECH100 discount code to knock £100 off your brand-new Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 only launched in the UK earlier this month, so we weren't expecting a whole lot in the way of deals on the all-new handset this Black Friday. Imagine our surprise then when we discovered that will be offering the Google-branded flagship for a bargain £23 a month.

Until now, this deal has carried a hefty £350 upfront cost. However, we've got an exclusive discount code that knocks £100 off that one-off fee. Simply use the code TECH100 at checkout to slash the price of this stellar Pixel 3 deal.

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With an upfront cost of £250, this £23 a month is an unbelievable bargain. It works out at a total cost of £802 over the course of the 24-month contract. For comparison, the Pixel 3 typically costs £739 for the SIM-free handset alone.

Given this deals boasts 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 3GB of 4G mobile data each month, that's an extremely fair price and should ensure you have more than enough monthly allowance to make the most of your Google handset.

The 24-month contracts runs on O2, so you'll benefit from all the usual bells and whistles from the popular mobile network, including access to Priority rewards, which bundles free coffees and first dibs on gig tickets.

EXCLUSIVE Google Pixel 3 at | O2 | £250 (was £350) upfront with code TECH100 | 3GB of 4G data | 1,000 minutes | Unlimited texts | £23 a month
The all-new Pixel 3 may have only been on shelves for little more than a few weeks, but this extraordinary exclusive offer from means that it's now at its cheapest since release. That hefty upfront cost drops £100 thanks to the voucher code TECH100 and then home dry with impossibly-reasonable monthly bills of £23.
Total cost over 24 months is £802View Deal

Google Pixel 3 boasts a bigger display and smaller bezels than its predecessor, as well as an improved Portrait Mode, and a wide-angle front-facing camera – so you never need use a selfie stick for your group shots ever again.

The Pixel 3 also features a redesigned HDR+ shooting technology to enhance photos taken in low-light conditions. There's also an AI-powered Top Shot function that takes a series of pictures in the background every time you press the shutter button and suggests the best-looking snap. Google says the feature should put an end to those unsalvageable shots where one of your group is blinking.

It also ships with the latest version of Google's mobile OS, Android 9.0 Pie, as well as IPX8 dust and water protection.