Google Maps users are getting a cool free usability upgrade

Google Maps could rethink how we juggle places of interest

Google Maps
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Google Maps is prepping a new “Dock to bottom” feature on desktop that pins your most visited locations and businesses to the bottom of the screen.

Currently, the Google Maps desktop client and mobile app rely on a single information panel, which makes any form of meaningful comparison between several different locations a cumbersome task. Fortunately, that could now be set to change for the better.

Google Maps 'Dock to bottom'

Google Maps 'Dock to bottom' feature for desktop

(Image credit: Search Engine Roundtable)

First spotted by the folks over at Search Engine Roundtable (via XDA Developers), Google is reportedly working on a new "Dock to bottom" button that attaches locations and companies you've visited to a new dock area at the bottom of the screen.

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Once you've chosen the geographical locations you want to dock, you can then scroll through and click those items on the bottom of the screen. This new feature is in tune with a recent Chrome OS update that improved the Chrome app launcher by making it more searchable. Similarly, the 'Dock to bottom' mechanism works a lot like the macOS dock or the Windows Taskbar, both of which let users close docked items individually, as well as then hiding the dock once all items are closed.

Back and forth

The feature could still get scrapped before it makes its way to the desktop client, not to mention whether or not it'll trickle down to the Maps app on the best phones and best tablets. Regardless, it's definitely a stellar idea from the Google devs – and one that would be an indispensable tool to users seeking to jump back and forth between different places of interest.

And while you're here: we couldn't depart without pointing you in the direction of the B-2 stealth fighter jet that's been located on Google Maps. It's awesome, and it's like nothing we've ever seen spotted on Google Maps, so it's well worth a look if you haven't yet had a chance to do so.

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