Google Chrome users just got a great new money saving feature

The latest version of Chrome makes it easier than ever to get where and what you want

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Google's been busy of late: not only have its engineers been updating Android for the best Android phones, but there have been some important changes to the Chrome browser, too.

And now the latest version of Google Chrome has even better search capabilities, and crucially for this time of year, they can help you see if you've found the best Black Friday deals too.

The first new feature is a new Open Search In Side Panel option in the address bar. This enables you to see your search results and keep them on screen even as you move from page to page, making it easy to compare results. It's particularly useful for popular search terms where the content doesn't always live up to the headline; you can banish clickbait without lots of back-and-forwards browsing. Whenever you click a search result in the panel, it'll open in the current tab.

Chrome browser update November 2022

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Price checking arrives in plenty of time for Black Friday

I really like the new Track Price feature. As the name suggests, this enables you to track the price of a product across multiple online stores, and you'll then get emails alerting you of price drops. If you're hoping to get a Black Friday bargain on a specific product this could come in really handy.

The price tracking feature has been in mobile versions of Chrome for a while, but it's now rolling out to the desktop. You'll need to be signed into your Google Account in order to use it; if you aren't, your browser won't know what email address to send price alerts to.

The price tracker doesn't appear to have rolled out fully yet, but it shouldn't take long to appear: Google is pushing its shopping features very strongly now because it wants you to stay on Google right until you find the specific product you want to buy.

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