Christmas gift ideas: Monopoly For Sore Losers Edition is a winner for boardgame lovers

This new version of the classic game will put a fun new twist on Christmas proceedings

Gift guide: Hasbro Monopoly Sore Losers Edition is a winner for boardgame lovers
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Hasbro’s Monopoly: Sore Losers Edition is Monopoly but not as you know it. In this version, losing is celebrated and in a hilarious twist on the normal rules, all the annoying features of standard Monopoly are turned into bonuses

Players will actually want to land on penalties and go to jail in order to win the sore loser coins, which can be exchanged for a large Mr. Monopoly token. This token enables a player to move around the board collecting money, literally cashing in on misfortune!

Everybody loves dipping into a boardgame over the Christmas holidays, and this novel edition will keep things fresh for those who have endured Monopoly every festive season in recent memory. The game has many of the features familiar to Monopoly fans, but with a little more chaos, this version should win over some new fans…although we bet someone will still try and cheat.

Who's it for?

Families: The Monopoly for Sore Losers edition is aimed at children and adults alike and would be perfect for family board game nights and get-togethers. The traditional-ish board game will keep kids away from screens and games consoles for an hour or two, while being novel enough to entertain grown-ups who are familiar with the original. 

Competitive people: Monopoly has always brought out people’s competitive streaks. This version of the game will do the same, although it’s designed to be funnier. Couples or siblings with a score to settle can play this edition of Monopoly as a two-some.

Monopoly fans: There are so many versions of Monopoly and many fans have multiple copies of the game in its various forms. The Monopoly for Sore Losers edition would be a great gift for devotees of the board game.

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Age range:

Hasbro states that the recommended age range is 8+, which sounds about right. It’s a game to keep the whole family entertained, although hopefully older players won’t be too vindictive towards youngsters.

What makes it the ideal Christmas gift?

Family appeal: Is it even Christmas without a new board game? From 8-years upwards, everyone can participate in this exciting new version of Monopoly. Though as many as six people can play with their own counter, it’s equally enjoyable playing as a couple too.

The cool new twist: Players who are used to playing Monopoly will feel at home with the format and presentation of this game, making it easy to learn, even for younger players. The usual tokens, cards, houses and hotels are all there, but players will really appreciate the novel twist that losing is absolutely everything!

Made to keep: The Monopoly for Sore Losers board game has all the appealing hallmarks of the original game like the little tokens. It’s well-made yet affordable, making it a great gift this year, and a game to crack out every Christmas from now on.

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