Get big savings on Apple's brilliant M2 Mac mini

Apple's most affordable Mac just got cheaper – and it's an absolute powerhouse

Someone working at a messy desk, with the new Apple Mac Mini M2
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When I'm not writing fine words for fine websites, I'm usually giving my Macs an absolute kicking: I do a lot of work in Logic Pro X and often end up with projects containing stacks of tracks and every plugin imaginable. And the heavyweight Mac I do that on is... a Mac mini. I've just swapped my M1 MacBook Pro for the M2 Pro mini and I couldn't be happier with it.

The M2 Mac mini is a superb computer, and it's just got cheaper. is currently selling the 256GB version with £50 off, bringing it down to just £599, and the first refurbished M2s are starting to appear in the Apple Refurbished Store too. The same Mac mini there is £100 off. 

If you're a Costco member or are friendly with one, keep an eye on their listings too: their Apple deals come and go but are often very good. There was a recent deal on the M2 Pro Mac mini that took a big chunk off the RRP, so if you're not in a rush you might want to wait for that one to return.

What's so great about the Mac mini?

I reckon there are two key things that make the Mac mini a great buy. One, the price: it's much cheaper than an iMac or MacBook Air. And two, everything else.

I'm not kidding. It's a fantastic computer. And if you spend a bit more on the M2 Pro, which is the version I have, it'll be the only Mac you need for years to come. In our M2 Mac mini review we gave it the full five stars: it's "the perfect desktop replacement... small, portable and extremely fast."

The downside, of course, is that you only get the computer. The keyboard, monitor and mouse are up to you. But I like that, because it gives you much more flexibility than an all-in one or a laptop with an external monitor. And if you already have those things, then you're not paying for features you already have.

If you decide the mini is for you, check out our Mac mini deals page to see if there are any other good discounts out there – but make sure you check the fine print, as there are still quite a few older minis in retail. For example, today Very is offering Mac minis for as little as £549, but that low price is for the 2020 M1, not the more powerful M2.

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