Get big arms for a beach body before summer ends with this great tip

Try this top PT's #1 favourite way to build biceps into borderline offensive weapons

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In today’s image-obsessed society, getting big arms and building a bulging set of biceps seems a bit old school. Advanced workouts and cutting-edge nutrition means many are now sculpting toned bodies that would put many elite athletes to shame.

Still, a solid set of guns does have the habit of poking out from underneath a T-shirt and informing the rest of the world that its owner spends a decent amount of time in the gym and therefore takes care of his or herself.

We ensiled the help of top personal trainer Keith McNiven to give us his singular top tip on how to build big arms and he said: “Start with a weight that you are comfortable with but increase as your muscles get stronger. Stick to a routine with a low number of repetitions, which will allow you to lift a heavier weight than you would with a higher number of reps. But don’t forget, gradually increasing the weight over time is key. Don’t plateau,” he explains.

Keith McNiven

Top PT Keith McNiven

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This advice can be applied to almost any exercise, adjusting the start weight for the size of the muscle group. For example, the biceps are actually smaller than the triceps (most people think it’s the other way around), so start with a low weight when working the biceps to avoid injury. Gradually increase over time to gain size and mass.

Finally, don’t forget that the arms are made up of many muscle groups and simply focussing on one probably won’t achieve the desired result.

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