Get an Amazon Kindle for under £45 in this Prime Day deal – the perfect Xmas gift!

Don't miss out on 36% off Kindle and 30% off Kindle Oasis for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Kindle Kindle Oasis Prime Day deals 2020
(Image credit: Amazon)

We won't waste your time by describing the Kindle because by now Amazon's e-reader is well known, offering literally unlimited books (and magazines and whatever else) that can be taken anywhere. As if that wasn't good enough, Amazon has knocked over 30% off the price as part of its Prime Day deals bonanza.

Okay, we said we wouldn't but here's some background for the uninitiated: Amazon's standard Kindle is basically the perfect way to read books. It's small enough to hold for long periods with one hand, has a decent-resolution backlit display, and enough storage for hundreds, if not thousands, of books.

The Kindle Oasis steps things up a notch, offering a much more luxurious experience alongside a bunch of other nifty features. For example, the Oasis is waterproof (making the top picture a bit less stressful), includes a 300dpi display, and an adjustable backlight.

If you're a bit into reading, we reckon the Kindle will be absolutely fine, but if you love reading, the Oasis is the best and brightest e-reader out there. Or dimmest if you prefer. And with Amazon's Prime Day discounts, you can't really go wrong.

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