Get a FREE pair of wireless AKG headphones worth £269 with this Samsung Galaxy S10e deal

Free AKG N60NC wireless headphones for a limited time only!

Samsung Galaxy S10e Deal Price

Samsung has unleashed a stunning new deal for anyone in the market for a new pair of wireless headphones and the latest Galaxy S smartphone. 

Between now and July 10, 2019 at 11:59pm, Samsung will bundle a pair of AKG N60NC wireless headphones for free with the purchase of a Galaxy S10e.

The AKG N60NC will be the perfect companion to a new handset, letting you enjoy movies, binge-worthy box sets and YouTube videos on-the-move without interruption, thanks to the in-built active noise cancellation. It also means they'll be ideal to cut-out the droning roar of the engines on a flight to listen to your favourite track or playlist on Spotify.

Of course, you're not limited to using them with the Galaxy S10e, either. AKG ships the headphones with a detachable 3.5mm cable so you can forgo wireless connectivity and plug into the aeroplane entertainment console, if you'd like to watch a movie, for example. AKG charges £269 for its N60NC headphones online.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S10e, this is an all-new entry in the flagship Galaxy S smartphones series. We're still unclear exactly what the "e" stands for, but the handset is an attempt to bring most of the design and features that appeared on the Galaxy S10 to a more affordable price point. 

In our Galaxy S10e review, we called it "the best sub six-inch smartphone you can buy today, with top-level components, a beautiful-looking AMOLED screen, and a stylish design." Adding that, while you might "miss out on some of the bigger storage options and a third camera lens around the back, but we think the sacrifice is worth making if you want to save some money."

The Samsung Galaxy S10e costs £669 SIM-free, which is a significant saving compared to the Galaxy S10, which starts at £799. The Galaxy S10e includes the same 128GB of expandable storage, and 6GB of RAM.

If you were to buy the smartphone, which only launched in March in the UK and Europe, and the AKG N60NC headphones separately, the bundle would cost you £938. So, there's a pretty significant saving to be found here.

However, it you'd rather not buy your smartphone SIM-free and would prefer to sign-up to a two-year contract, check out some of the best Galaxy S10e deals below.