Yes, this half price Bose noise cancelling headphone deal is still on DEAD

This deal on the QC20 noise cancelling in-ear buds will be music to your ears

Bose QC20 deal

If you're after noise cancelling headphones for your commute, but don't favour the standard over-ear approach – perhaps you prefer something or more pocketable, or wear specs and don't like the sensation of having ear cups pressing on their arms –how about some in-ear buds with active noise cancellation? Bose QuietComfort 20 are wired buds, and like Bose's wired over-ears the QC25, they've just had a big ol' price cut.

• Buy Bose QuietComfort 20 (QC20) for iOS at UK | £129.95 | Was £249.95 | Save £120

At this price, we predict rapid flying off of the 'shelves', or whatever it is keeps them stored on.

This deal is on the iOS-compatible QC20 buds only. The audio works fine with Android devices but the buttons do not, alas…

Bose QuietComfort 20 | £129.95 | Was £249.95 | Save £120
Most noise cancelling headphones are over-ear but these wired, in-ear buds also feature the tech, for those who prefer a less obtrusive way to block out the sounds of trains, planes and people. Bloody people. The noise-quelling here is highly impressive – it is, after all, a mix of both physical noise isolation, from having buds in your ears, and electronic noise-cancelling – and overall audio quality very good. The QC20 are probably over-priced at the RRP of 250 quid but at £129.95 they are well worth a look/listen.View Deal

Bose QuietComfort 20: here's what you get in the box

As you can see, the noise cancelling on these in-ear buds is done via a (quite bulky) control box wired to the end of the buds' cable. This is easy enough to slip into your pocket alongside your phone, and it does the business in terms of defeating background noise from transport and living beings. 

You also get a carry case, charging cable and a choice of ear-tips and 'wings' to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.