Garmin vivofit 4 is here with whopping one year battery, but there's more

Is this full-colour display toting activity tracker the best yet?

Garmin has just announced a brand new fitness tracker in its vivofit 4 which upgrades the wearable to all the latest features including a huge one year battery life.

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So what else is new in the fourth generation of Garmin’s activity tracker? Aside from that one year battery life there is a full colour display which is built for working outdoors in sunlight as well as lit up at night in the dark. This should be useful when using the vivofit 4 as a watch which can display customisable screens, show the weather, display smartphone notifications and more.

Of course the vivofit 4 is also a daily activity tracker for things like steps, distance and calories burned but keeps working at night to track sleep too. It’ll even recognise activity changes to track them automatically so when you look at the smartphone app it’ll show you everything your day and night have included, without you doing much beyond living your life - effortless as it should be. For walks and runs it’ll even start a timer automatically. 

The vivofit 4 is fully water ready for swimming and showering alike so you don’t need to worry about taking it off.

The Garmin vivofit 4 is available to buy now. Here are all the options. The vívofit 4 is available in White (S/M), Black Speckled (S/M) and Black (S/M and L) for £70. Interchangeable accessory bands are available in a Speckled Merlot and Speckled Navy combo pack (S/M) for £28. Accessory bands in Speckled Black (S/M), White (S/M) and Black (S/M and L) are available individually for £18.

Luke Edwards

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