Garmin launch smart scales that measure every part of your body

Track your weight at home or on the go

Surely scales do a pretty linear job, to measure your weight right? Well the Garmin Smart Scale claims to measure a whole lot more...

Garmin has just launched a new smart scale which in addition to weight also measures your BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and even bone mass.

The smart scale connects with your smartphone with the Garmin Connect app so that each time to step on the scales it will feed your stats straight back to your smartphone, so if you've been scoffing too much rubbish not only will your scales remind you, your phone will too.

“We designed this smart scale to be both beautiful and functional, and with it we're able to complete the wellness circle of weight management. We're also excited to offer this as an option to our millions of running, cycling and multisport athletes who are looking for a smart solution to track body composition data” said Garmin product manager Andrew Silver.

The scales apparently support up to 16 users so that each time you or your friends step onto the scales it will automatically remember your data, which they can grab online or via the app.

The Index smart scale looks extremely fancy and unfortunately you'll pay for it. At a suggested retail price of £129.99, most would deem this extravagant, however its smartphone connectivity, and ability to track your weight composition on the go still makes it an attractive purchase. The scales will be available in the UK from November the 13th.

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