GameGadget adds hundreds of new titles to Games Marketplace

Hopes to bring in more smalller gaming developers

GameGadget must be feeling pretty smug about now, not only have they seen huge demand but so much in fact that they've been able to drop the price

GameGadget have announced that they have added hundreds of new titles to their Games Marketplace following the launch of the GamesGadget Handheld console.

Available to download with DRM via what they're calling their 'iTunes style' PC application. The hope is that the Marketplace will become a home for not just premium titles but also quality freeware and other small developer games.

This comes just a few weeks after GameGadget announced that due to 'pheonmenal' interest and demand they've been able to drop the price of their GameGadget handheld console to £59.99.

In a press release Jason Cooper, creator of the handheld console expressed his surprise and happiness at the demand for the console.

"Demand and support for GameGadget has been phenomenal taking us completely by surprise. It has enabled us to secure significant cost savings on future production, well ahead of schedule."

"From day one we said we would be honest with our customers. We shall be refunding all customers the equivalent value of today's price drop."

It was recently announced that they have added 33 new SEGA MegaDrive games to their library which will be available for download via the GameGadget Marketplace Application.

The console which came out late last month already has a significant library of classic SEGA games but has now been able to further add 33 classics from the SEGA MegaDrive console.

Using the GameGadget Marketplace Application users are able to access every game and download it straight to the device with games costing from £2.99 to £4.99.

The console uses a DRM system for each game which means that once downloaded it is securely protected from illegal distribution. That then secures a revenue share for the developers that are responsible for the game being published.