G-Shock unveils stunning limited edition GM-6900 collaboration with King Nerd

Stand out from the crowd with this new collaboration between G-Shock and British designer King Nerd

G-Shock x King Nerd
(Image credit: G-Shock)

G-Shock has announced it's teaming up with King Nerd to launched a new watch which limited to just 300 pieces and only available in the UK.

Based on the iconic GM-6900 model, each limited edition GM-6900GKING-9ER comes on a custom King Nerd printed strap and is accompanied by a sticker and a signed and numbered print featuring King Nerd artwork. 

The unique artwork also features on the watch’s special packaging.

Haven't heard of King Nerd before? No, it's not someone that works on our sister site TechRadar, it's British designer and artist Johnny Dowell, who is renowned for his intricate engraving.

His work can be found etched on the side of Harley-Davidsons, Leica cameras, Jaeger LeCoultre watches, and Captain Sir Thomas Moore coins.

The watch itself comprises of a gold IP stainless steel bezel and black resin band bearing King Nerd’s iconic style. 

On designing the watch, Dowell said, '‘King Nerd’ stands for ‘Old and New’ and I wanted to create something that showed that and that’s how I came up with the design – very traditional and ornate to go with the very modern and solid shape of the G-SHOCK. The two combined creates a great juxtaposition. It’s almost as if these two different styles shouldn’t work together but upon seeing the watch the ornate design in a contemporary print colour works perfectly with the fun and modern look of the watch.'

G-Shock x King Nerd

(Image credit: G-Shock)

'These kinds of ornate patterns have been used in engraving for many, many years on the likes of weapons and armour, and the ceilings and insides of buildings. My designs follow that same route in style but over the years I’ve evolved my patterns with a more contemporary look. Being into graffiti and growing up as a street kid in London, my designs have that incorporated into them ever so slightly.'

Of course, this being a G-Shock, the watch is 200m water resistant, shock resistant and robust. 

It also features an electro-luminescent backlight, flash alert, countdown timer, alarm, and calendar.

On the collaboration, His Royal Highness of Nerd said, 'Working with G-Shock has been a secret lifelong dream. It was my first watch. I own several G-SHOCK watches and I remember from a very young age a friend of mine had one with a transparent strap and from that day I always thought about how amazing it would be to create my own. I always look at the G-SHOCK brand very fondly too because it’s the exact same age as me, I have literally grown up alongside the brand.'

The G-Shock GM-6900GKING-9ER will be available 'Early March 2021' priced at £249. 

G-Shock x King Nerd

(Image credit: G-Shock)

Technical Features 

Display Illumination: Electro-luminescent: The digital display lights up at the touch of a button
Battery Life: Approximately 2 years
Dimensions: 53.9 x 49.7 x 18.6 mm
Mineral Glass: Hard glass resists scratching
Shock Resistant: Patented Hollow Core Guard Structure protects against impact and vibration
Alarm Function
Auto Calendar
Countdown Timer 
- Range 24 hours, measuring 1 second
Date and Weekday Display
Stopwatch Function

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