G-RO SIX is an innovative suitcase that you push like a shopping trolly

This could be the most ergonomic carry-on suitcase you can buy

(Image credit: G-RO)

G-RO, one of T3's favourite luggage brands, is looking to add its sixth piece of luggage and second carry-on to its family of unique “traveler-centric”  cases.

It's called the G-RO SIX, and, rather than dragging it behind you like a traditional wheeled suitcase, you push it, like a shopping trolly or pushchair.

This innovative design has arrived after years of research and development, and comes with a number of benefits.

The first benefit is simple – it's easier to navigate a crowded airport or narrow airplane aisle if your suitcase is in front of you, rather than being dragged behind you or at your side. 

The second is that with the new push configuration, the user’s bodyweight acts as a counterbalance allowing for zero additional energy to be exerted while rolling the bag. This reduces the strain on your muscles and joints.

G-RO claims the SIX is the healthiest travel bag ever created, eliminating all travel-related pain in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, elbow, and back.

The case measures 22 x 14 x 9-inches (which is within the carry-on size for most airlines) and features a number of intelligent design features to maximise interior packing space. 

The SIX rolls on two of G-RO’s large-diameter, axle-less 'GravityRoll' wheels and two sets of tough spinner wheels, which are guaranteed-for-life. This allows for increased manoeuvrability over any terrain.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, the SIX also features an advanced split-handle design, a flat top which acts as a table, extreme durability, and a TSA approved lock.

We've seen this case in action and are very impressed. We can't wait to try it out further.

The G-RO SIX is available to order now on Kickstarter priced at $345 (around £275), that's 33-percent off the recommended retail price.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

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