Future tech for 2017 teased by Samsung: Skin enhancers, smart toys, memo printers and more

The Samsung C-Lab projects have been revealed ahead of CES 2017

Each year Samsung picks the best ideas from its huge number of staff in its C-Lab projects before giving them a chance to be made real after showing them off at CES.

This year Sammy has taken the wraps off a selection of projects before they get shown off at the trade show in a few days time. These include smart skin monitors and enhancers, smart toy upgrades and more.

S-Skin is a smart skincare device that works using a patch on the skin which features microneedles to analyse the skin and LED lights to treat it. 

There is also another skin solution called Lumini which spots problem areas on the skin from a photo of the face and even recommends products to tackle the issue early.

For kids there’s the Tag+ which is a button that is Bluetooth LE enabled to work with a smartphone or tablet. That’ll allow for responses to being pressed or if the toy is shaken and more, enhancing the toy to make it more interactive and potentially more educational.

Other projects that sound interesting include Mangoslab, a compact printer for memo from smart devices; Jameasy, a sensor to connect with acoustic instruments for smart sensor practice; Mopic, a smart phone case to view 3D content without glasses; Analogue Plus, for hands-free headgear use; and Welt, a fashionable belt for healthcare.

Expect to hear more about the projects from CES next week.

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