Four £700 apps top list of UK's most expensive iPad applications

Luxuriously high-end applications land more expensive that the Apple tablets that support them

For those with more money than sense, a new study has found the four most expensive UK iPad apps will set you back a painful £700 apiece

With over 600,000 iOS apps now available at your fingertips, it's not surprising that some very specialist apps have begun to appear in the iTunes App Store.

However, this specialist status comes at a price. Madvertise, Europe's largest mobile audience targeting platforms, has teamed up with AppZapp, the mobile app bargain hunter to discover the top 20 most expensive apps in their latest 'madreport'.

Topping this luxurious list of app-based extravagance are four separate apps, each of which cost a wallet-aching £699.99 – nearly double the cost of a new iPad.

VueCAD Pro, one of the £699.99 apps, is a professional 'native' CAD viewer in the Business apps, whilst BarMax pro is an education app that assists law students trying to pass their BAR exam.

The top spots are definitely taken by some of the more specialists apps, not generally used by the average app user who would be looking much more closely at those apps priced around the 69p mark.

Further highlighting the true elitist nature of the chart topping bank breakers, the list of the top 20 most expensive apps see prices fall down to the by comparison hugely reasonable £14.99 Romanian TV app. The madreport has also shown the broad range of genres that transverse the top 20 dearest apps list with medical and finance apps lining up alongside a selection of games, books and sports based content.

The full list of the 20 most expensive iPad apps can be found below.

1. VueCAD Pro - Business - £699.99
2. BarMax Pro - Education - £699.99
3. Agro - Productivity - £699.99
4. The Alchemist SMS - Utilities - £699.99
5. EyeLifestyles - Medicine - £549.99
6. Verituner - Music - £399.99
7. 3cp / Image Control Pro - Photography - £299.99
8. BMRControl - Health & Fitness - £199.99
9. GIS Pro - Navigation - £199.99
10. Themis Reader - Reference - £199.99
11. iLinx - Entertainment - £174.99
12. Quizcenter - Games - £139.99
13. RazorPBPad - Finance - £139.99
14. Vantage Home Control HD - Lifestyle - £139.99
15. iCoddriver - Sports - £139.99
16. Kerry - Books - £69.99
17. Bahamas + Caribbean Pilot's Guide - Travel - £34.99
18. Weather4D Pro - Weather - £21.99
19. Assistive Friends - Social Networking - £20.99
20. Romanian TV - News - £14.99

Words: Samantha Loveridge

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