Forget PlayStation VR, Sony may be working on a Samsung Gear VR-like concept

You may one day be able to get PlayStation VR... but on your phone

Samsung's Gear VR is now out in the UK and it's one of the easiest ways to get involved in virtual reality so far – and new rumours suggest Sony wants to make it even more accessible, by including it on mobile phones.

New patents have surfaced, but were filled in May, showing Sony has plans for a VR headset that works with your phone.

There are patents for two different devices – one that is like a full headset that you slip your phone into, and another which looks more like a pair of glasses than a traditional VR headset.

Gaming on the go

The glasses-like pair will reportedly come with a battery built in. While the other headset could house other internals such as on-board memory or extra sensors to the phone, much like the Gear VR does.

The patent describes the Gear VR-like device as a “head mounted display system having interface with mobile computer device for rendering virtual reality content.”What isn't made clear is whether it would just work with Sony Xperia phones though.

It also seems like a strange step for Sony considering it's working hard on PlayStation VR, previously known as Project Morpheus.

PlayStation VR is expected to work connected up with your console, while these headsets would be able to work away from your home set up. But with Sony investing heavily in its Remote Play application, it could be possible for Sony to offer VR gaming away from the home.

It would be a long shot though, and there's no evidence Sony has even kept working on these projects since filing the patents.

That said, if we could get virtual reality console gaming while out and about, that would be some strong competition up against Samsung's Gear VR. Colour us interested.

Via Upload VR