Football Manager is getting a massive upgrade – but there's a catch

The popular football management simulator is about to get a new lease of life

A team wearing purple kits celebrate winning in Football Manager 2023
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If you're a fan of football, you'll likely have at least heard of Football Manager. The series has been going for decades, offering everyone the chance to sit in the dugout and manage their team to glory.

Recent generations have come under fire, though. Those who have played for years have been left frustrated by a lack of new features, with some calling the new iteration a re-skinned version of the previous one.

That's all about to change though. A recent blog post by Miles Jacobson – Studio Director for Sports Interactive, the team behind the game – opened up about the pitfalls of the last few years, and gave insight into some major changes coming soon.

The first is set to come in the next version – Football Manager 2024. For the first time ever, users will be able to carry a save from one generation to another. That means you can take your beloved save from FM23 and continue playing on FM24, without missing a beat.

That's a massive addition. Users have been crying out for this for years. It means that you'll no longer need to leave behind a save which has kept you gripped all year when the new game comes out. Instead, you can carry on where you left off, making use of any new features that are compatible.

That's just the tip of the iceberg though. Jacobson touts FM24 as "the last of its kind" as the game looks to evolve the next time out. There are three big features which were mentioned as coming to Football Manager 2025.

First is the introduction of women's football into the game. This was first mentioned in 2021, and has been a hot topic among enthusiasts ever since. Jacobson confirmed that the progress made on that database has been strong, which should put them in a good position to launch the feature on FM25.

Next up is a change to the in-game animations. These have been a continued source of frustration for users, who feel that the game lacks the cutting edge realism expected in the modern day. It's a fair criticism. And while there's no specific information given, they do note changes will be made to the physics and player movement, as well as the models, stadiums and surrounding areas.

But by far the biggest change is coming to the engine the game is built on. FM25 will utilise the Unity Engine, which is behind some massive titles like Genshin Impact. The change should make for a better overall experience, but will particularly benefit graphics and the in-game matchday experience.

I'm really excited by this. As a lifelong player of the Football Manager franchise – and even the Championship Manager titles before that – I'm hooked. That doesn't mean I've always been happy though. In recent years, I've opted to stay a generation behind, picking up the game later on in the year when it's cheap or even free.

I can't see myself changing that for FM24, but I almost certainly will when FM25 rolls around. That game has the potential to revolutionise the format and change the experience for users in a really positive way. It's likely to be a day one purchase for me. Now, if only we can find a way to make the 18 months pass quicker...

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