Football Manager 2022 has an ace new Transfer Deadline Day feature fans will love

A fantastic new feature is being added to Football Manager 2022, and it looks like a game-changer

Football Manager 2022
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Football Manager 2022 is the most anticipated football management game in the world and, thanks to a brand new official reveal, we now know that it is going to introduce an awesome new feature.

The new feature coming to Football Manger 2022 is one that any actual manager would find useful, too, from Pep Guardiola to Mike Basset – that of a dedicated new Transfer Deadline Day Hub.

In the Transfer Deadline Day hub wannabe managers will be informed of the latest deals and agent offers, with new screens dedicated to viewing other clubs interests, alongside monitoring contracts and newly listed players.

Want to see how this new feature works? Then watch this video:

That official video also covers another two smaller features being added to Football Manager 2022 as well, namely Staff Meetings and Data Hub. Staff Meetings are a weekly fixture in your calendar that allows managers to better organise their pre-match preparation, long-term player development goals and their team structure. While Data Hub is a brand-new section on the sidebar in FM22 that is the go-to destination for everything related to data and performance analysis.

Here at T3 we think these additions sound really good and will no doubt aid immersion and fun on behalf of the player. The idea of wheeling and dealing last minute on transfer deadline day to get a bargain sounds loads of fun, while the ability to set out your club's staff and processes in weekly meetings will add to the level of control on offer.

However, what we would also say is that we hope to see some meaningful changes to Football Manager 2022 Mobile this year, too. Many gamers can't commit the level of time needed to play the full fat Football Manager and instead prefer the streamlined mobile offering. If just small parts of these improvements / new features can also make their way over to the mobile incarnation of Football Manager 2022 then that's going to make it a must buy.

Football Manager 2022 releases on November 9th on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store. FM22 will also be available Day One with Xbox Game Pass.

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