Fitbit gets a great free upgrade to help you get better sleep

The Fitbit app has been redesigned and refreshed

Fitbit App sleep features
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Quick Summary

The Fitbit app for Android has received an update that improves the sleep tracking experience.

We're still awaiting news on a similar update for iOS.

Fitbit has revealed a number of key changes to its mobile app designed around making it easier to track and improve your sleep.

The Google-owned company has pushed an update to its Fitbit app for Android that adds enhanced navigation and a new look, so you can see your sleep patterns and data more clearly and quickly.

All of the information is now presented front and centre, with more details at your fingertips.

Fitbit App sleep features

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You can also now check out exactly what time you woke uo in the middle of the night, or when you slipped in or out of deep sleep by just using a long-press on the sleep timeline chart.

You can also track your sleep patterns over time using weekly, monthly and yearly views.

Fitbit App sleep features

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As well as work with the best Fitbit watches and wearables, the Fitbit app can be used with the Google Pixel Watch 2, as well as the brand's first-gen Pixel Watch. And there's an iOS version of the app too, although it doesn't yet seem to have the sleep experience update.

That's likely to change in the coming days, so iPhone owners will be able to use the same functionality.

Google's plans for future Fitbit devices are currently unclear, with its last major releases – the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 – coming in the latter half of 2022. It could be that we will get refreshed models later this year, although the company may just opt to concentrate solely on the next Pixel Watch instead.

That'll be a shame though as there are certainly plenty of Fitbit fans out there, and the Versa 4 remains an excellent fitness watch at a very reasonable price. So unless Google has a cheaper Pixel Watch model in the pipeline, it wouldn't make much sense to drop its Fitbit lineup in the immediate future.

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