Finally, an electric city bike that looks good and goes fast

Maeving might not mean much to you, but its stylish RM1S can hit 65mph and looks the business

Maeving RM1S
(Image credit: Maeving)

Okay, we'll admit it. Maeving isn't the sexiest name for a motorcycle manufacturer, which is probably why it isn’t pinging on your radar.

But, what it lacks in the emotive punch of, say, Triumph or Ducati, it makes up for with a clever all-electric propulsion system and styling that ensures it stands out from the crowd of scooters and mopeds you might find littering an inner-city side street.

You see, Maeving deals in ultra-stylish, compact, all-electric commuter machines that can be ridden on just a CBT in the UK. That typically means all you need is around a day's worth of training and you can be hitting the open road… from the age of 16.

And the latest model, dubbed the RM1S, cranks the volume up to 11 compared to its more sedate Maeving RM1 sibling thanks to an upgraded 9.4bhp rear hub motor that pushes a peak output of 14.1bhp. 

Maeving RM1S

(Image credit: Maeving)

Weighing in at a not inconsiderable 130kg, the punchy motor, paired with two removable 2.6kWh batteries, is powerful enough to propel this city-slicker on to a top speed of 65mph.

Pull up alongside an electric scooter from the likes of Niu and you’ll be leaving that thing in the dust. Cackling as its owner struggles with the 30mph capped speed.

What’s more, Maeving has considered the practical stuff, too. The batteries can be removed and charged off the bike, should you live in a top floor flat. While there is 10-litres of lockable storage thanks to a lack of traditional fuel tank.

Charging takes 2.5 hours to get an 80 per cent top-up, while a full charge takes under 4. Both batteries are charged simultaneously regardless of whether it is done on the bike or off, thanks to a dual charging battery dock.

Maeving RM1S Tank

(Image credit: Maeving)

Designed and produced in Coventry, England, all electric Maevings have a distinct design language. Based on motorcycles from the custom scene, the RM1S packs a "bobber" style seat, stretched wheelbase and chunky 19-inch spoked wheels for a real modern-retro aesthetic.

Co-founder Will Stirrup said: "The RM1S is the bike we have been asked over and over to build by those riders who want a zero-emissions motorcycle that looks like an RM1 but is capable of highway speeds.

"It's an overused phrase, but we truly believe this is a game-changer: an EV that you can purchase for less than the cost of a monthly Oyster card, that can be used for the vast majority of one’s travel needs, with all the joy and convenience that motorcycling brings. We’re incredibly proud of it."

The RM1S is available to pre-order now, costing £7,495. First deliveries are expected in March 2024.

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