Finally, a cheaper way to expand Xbox storage

Western Digital launch 1TB officially licensed expansion card

WD Black C50
(Image credit: Western Digital)

If you’re getting short on storage space for your Xbox Series X or Series S, you’re not the only one. Especially if you have Game Pass, there are heaps of great titles to download and with the likes of the recent Star Wars: Jedi Survivor coming in at over 130GB, we’re all doing the storage space shuffle to save room for our favourite titles.

Luckily Western Digital is here to help. The manufacturer of some of the best Xbox accessories has today launched the rather smart-looking WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox. Memory cards may sound a bit PS2 but with 1 TB of storage this officially licensed Xbox storage eats the 256MB cards of old for breakfast. With the upcoming Xbox Showcase, there are bound to be a host of new titles on your radar, and with another TB of storage, you won’t have to pick and choose which titles to try.  Why should we have to delete anything to play Starfield

Starfield gameplay screengrab

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With expansion cards you don’t need to unscrew anything and potentially compromise your console’s warranty, unlike when adding internal storage. Simply insert it into the Xbox storage expansion port on the back of the console. 

Western Digital’s expansion cards have a cheaper retail price than Xbox’s own Seagate storage. The 512MB retails for £79.99/£89.99 while its Seagate equivalent can go for between £100 and £130. It’s a similar story for the 1TB C50 which sells for $149.99/£149.99 and while you might be able to find the older Seagate card for a similar price, its RRP is $219/£254.

In reality however, given the time since Seagate launched its cards, there might actually be little difference in price. Western Digital’s devices come with a month’s Game Pass Ultimate but it might be a matter of personal preference. Compare for yourself in the widget below:

Whichever you opt for, I’m just glad that with all these great new games on the horizon, we won’t have to delete our old favourites to make room.  

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