FIFA 12 update causes game crashes on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions

Mismatched data to blame for FIFA 12 woes

It would appear as though sports gamers got a little more than they bargained for when they downloaded the latest FIFA 12 patch

An update for FIFA 12 (opens in new tab) is causing a number of gamers across all platforms to experience game crashes with the root of the problem blamed on what EA Sports calls mismatched data.

The hefty update was made available yesterday with users quickly responding on the official FIFA 12 forum (opens in new tab) that it had begun to cause problems with the issue affecting PS3 (opens in new tab), Xbox 360 (opens in new tab) and PC versions. In a statement made on the EA forums a EA Community Manager had this to say:

"We believe this is caused by mismatched data in Creation Centre content downloaded before installing the patch. To solve this issue, delete this content from your system and then re-download it."

To fix the root of the problem across all platforms EA advises you follow these instructions:


In-game UGC File Deletion

[Main Menu] -> [My Fifa 12] -> [ FIFA12 Profile] -> [SAVE/LOAD/DELETE]
- Press the [Cross] button and choose delete
- Choose your UGC file
- Delete the file
- Reboot the game.
PS3 XMB method to delete UGC File
- Proceed to the PS3 XMB
- Use the Left Analog stick to move left/right and choose the controller icon to the far right
- Scroll down to Save Data Utility (PS3)
- Choose your file "FIFA 12 - UGC Data 1 Contains UGC file"
- Press the [Triangle] button and then choose Delete

Xbox 360

In-game UGC File deletion

[Main Menu] -> [My Fifa 12] -> [ FIFA12 Profile] -> [SAVE/LOAD/DELETE]
- Press the [A] button and choose delete
- Choose your UGC file
- Delete the file
- Reboot the game.
Dashboard Method to delete UGC File
- Press the Xbox360 Guide button
- Press the [Y] button to proceed to the Xbox Dashboard
- [My Xbox] -> System Settings -> [Memory] -> [Hard Drive/MU] -> [Games] -> FIFA 12
- Delete UGC file



- [Main Menu] -> [My Fifa 12] -> [ FIFA12 Profile] -> [SAVE/LOAD/DELETE]
- Choose the UGC file
- Delete the file
- Reboot the game.
File Explorer
- Open the "My Documents" -> "FIFA 12" folder in File Explorer
- You can manually delete the savefiles from that folder

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