EZVIZ’s new robot vacuum cleaners are feature rich and surprisingly affordable

EZVIZ offers a full smart home solution with two new robot vacuum cleaners

Lifestyle image of the EZVIZ RE4 cleaning a hard wood floor
(Image credit: EZVIZ)

Best known for its smart home security, EZVIZ is expanding its offerings with the launch of two new robot vacuum cleaners. Following the success of its RS2 premium robot vacuum, the latest RE4 and RE4 Plus robot vacuum models are feature rich and surprisingly affordable.

EZVIZ has made a name for itself with its smart home devices like the best security cameras and the best video doorbells. The brand has since expanded into the best robot vacuum cleaners and the new RE4 and RE4 Plus have just hit the UK market, offering customers a full smart home solution that covers security and cleaning.

Looking at both models, the new robot vacuums from EZVIZ are designed to simplify daily floor maintenance for all households. Both vacuums are highly functional with 4000pa suction power that can tackle both vacuuming and mopping tasks seamlessly. The multi-purpose models excel in vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, while removing dirt build-up, dust and pet hair.

Using the EZVIZ app, the robot vacuums strategically map your entire house to create the most efficient cleaning route so no space is looked over. With LDS LiDAR technology and infrared sensors, the EZVIZ RE4 and the EZVIZ RE4 Plus offer seamless room navigation that evades all obstacles by learning your routines and landscape.

As the RE4 and RE4 Plus can also work as the best robot mops, the models have a 300ml clean water tank that sanitises hard floors and carpets thoroughly. The RE4 range recognises different floor types and will automatically increase its suction power when it detects carpet to get a deep clean.

Lifestyle image of the EZVIZ RE4 Plus sitting in its charging base station

(Image credit: EZVIZ)

Other notable features include a runtime of up to 300m2 on a single charge and an impressively low noise level, so it can be in action while you work from home or watch movies. Speaking of charge, the robot vacuum cleaners automatically return to their charging bases to recharge when the battery is low.

With the RE4 range, you really don’t have to do anything to clean your floors, as they take care of everything for you. Both robot vacuums are also compatible with Alexa and Google Home so you can use voice commands to turn them on and off for completely hands-free control.

The main difference between the RE4 and the RE4 Plus is that the latter has an extra large 4-litre dust bag which you only need to swap out every 90 days. It also has a self-emptying function that empties itself after every cleaning job. 

What I found most impressive about the new EZVIZ RE4 and RE4 Plus robot vacuums is the price. With these many features and functionalities, other robot vacuum cleaner brands offer models from between £300 - £800, but the RE4 range is surprisingly affordable. The RE4 is just £259.99 and the RE4 Plus will set you back £299.99. Both are available to buy at EZVIZ.

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