Enjoyed Oppenheimer? Netflix has your next must-watch show

You don't have to be a genius to see why

Einstein and the bomb
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Straight from Oppenheimer scooping up seven (7!) Baftas, you might be looking for another nibble on a seminal moment in human history, If the three-hour Christopher Nolan epic somehow didn't fill you up then try the latest documentary just added to Netflix

Einstein and the Bomb follows the iconic fluffy-haired genius through both documentary and drama detailing his relationship with the development of the atomic bomb that would devastate Hiroshima. Streaming on Netflix right now, it is a mixture of real archive footage and dramatic reconstruction (with Einstein played by Aidan McArdle), this is a true to life representation of events.

Einstein was of course a pacifist, but he was also a Jew in 1930's Germany so knew exactly the evil that the Nazis were capable of. Although he never worked on Project Manhattan himself, his work in theoretical physics undoubtedly played a part in its development. He was the one who implored President Roosevelt to start the production of atomic weapons (fearing the Nazis were doing the same), something he later admitted he would forever regret. 

Not quite a film and not quite a documentary, it seems to have divided audiences so far with a measly 46% on Rotten Tomatoes (at the time of writing) proof of its polarising nature, but if you're after more since watching Oppenheimer, it's the best place to turn to. 

A brisk 76 minutes, we flit between various different time periods and stages of the great man's life, spanning his early career in Germany, his refugee days in England and living as a world-famous intellect in Long Island. Yes it's not as cinematic as Oppenheimer, but this is real history and every word even in the dramatisation was once spoken by the great man. 

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