EE 'Stay Connected' lets users stay online after their data runs out

EE announces boost to off-contract data allowances

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EE has today announced a series of exclusive new perks for its mobile customers, including helping new and upgrading users stay connected at no extra cost when their allowance ends.

A brand new benefits package for NHS staff has also been announced, which will commence alongside expanded WiFi and 4G calling for EE's pay-as-you-go customers, enabling them to make more calls and texts across the UK.

As part of EE's 'Stay Connected' push, the UK network will introduce changes that ensure that you're always able to stay in touch with friends and family. Should you now exceed your monthly data allowance, EE will still allow you to connect to the web without paying to increase your data cap. 

All new and existing customers who upgrade their existing plan can enjoy the UK network's 'Stay Connected' guarantee. Being short of data is no longer an issue: that important holiday WhatsApp message or email can still be shared with friends and family, even if you're about to exceed your data allowance.

It's worth noting here that it doesn't mean you can endlessly exchange WhatsApp videos over the platform — though this isn't necessarily a bad thing ahead of alleged inbound changes to WhatsApp's video uploads. Rather, if you frequently exceed your data cap, the new guarantee will kick in to let you send emails and messages until your full allowance renews, and not for binge-watching Netflix or sending 4K video files. 

NHS staff can squeeze even more out of the 'Stay Connected' offer: not only can new and upgrading NHS workers get a 20% discount off their monthly plans, but EE's guarantee offers greater flexibility in data allowance, capping off at 2Mbps. This means that should be able to get away with some light music and video streaming, even when you've exceeded your data allowance at the end of the month.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer Division, says that EE is the "only major UK network to enable customers to stay connected at no extra cost when their monthly data allowance runs out." That means EE pay as you go users who own one of the best Android phones or best iPhones can enjoy extra mileage from their monthly data plans, with Allera adding that enhanced pay as you go 4G and WiFi calling also lets "customers make calls and send texts from more places in the UK than ever before."

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