EE's new 1.6-gig broadband will make your Wi-Fi move like lightning

Enhanced full-fibre broadband coming to UK that could blow your socks off

EE 1.6-gig router and devices
(Image credit: EE)

EE has announced that it is bringing 1.6-gig broadband to the UK. That will easily make it the fastest internet service EE or BT has ever delivered to consumers.

We're still awaiting details on the actual launch of the broadband service and related devices, which will be announced in due course, but the brand has revealed the products and add-ons that will be part of the overall package.

The main centre of the 1.6 Gbps plan will be the Smart hub Plus, a Wi-Fi router that is built using a proprietary firmware platform built by EE itself. It has also been designed in collaboration with Tej Chauhan, an industrial designer behind some of the best-looking gadgets over the last decade - Tesco's Hudl 2 tablet, for starters.

You can see a similar theme in the curves and tactile materials, although his design this time includes 95 per cent recycled materials in the outer casing.

EE Smart Hub Plus for 1.6-gig broadband

(Image credit: EE)

The router can also be used with forthcoming app control (for iOS and Android) that enables the user to simply interact with device options. That means you will be able to restrict or prioritise different connected devices around the home, making sure nothing interrupts your streaming of a big football match, say, or stop the kids from using their phones after a certain time of day.

There is also a Smart Wi-Fi Plus device that connects to the router. EE claims this will spread wireless internet connectivity "all corners of a customer's home". It is also likely to be needed as many existing Wi-Fi extenders and routers are limited in their delivery speeds.

EE Smart Wi-Fi Plus extender device

(Image credit: EE)

And finally, there will be a Smart Hybrid Connect device that will ensure an internet signal is available, even if the Full Fibre, wired solution is out of action for a period. That's because it will use EE's mobile network as a backup.

It can connect to the main Smart Hub Plus and the Smart Wi-Fi Plus devices.

EE Smart Hybrid Connect

(Image credit: EE)

EE will also replace its existing line-up of broadband devices with a new Smart Hub and Smart Wi-Fi in the coming months. The Full Fibre 1.6 Gbps service will launch around the same time, but as we've already said, there's not yet an exact date or price.

We'll update you as the launch gets closer.

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