Disney Plus: How to watch Mulan this week

The epic new live-action Mulan movie is launching on Disney Plus Premier Access – here's how to watch it

Disney Plus Mulan
(Image credit: Disney)

Mulan, the epic new live-action Disney Plus exclusive, launches this week on 4 September, 2020, on Disney+ Premier Access.

Premier Access is the Disney Plus subscriber-exclusive new membership option that lets them watch the movie before anyone else, and then keep the movie in their library forever.

Premier Access unlocks the movie in UHD, HDR and with Dolby Atmos, too, meaning that it is the best possible option for viewers who want the absolute best audio and video quality.

Mulan is launching on Disney Plus around the world on September 4, too, meaning that no matter if you are in the USA, UK or basically anywhere else, you can be first in line to see the new film.

To learn more about Disney Plus Premier Access be sure to check out the full details below. You can also catch up on the final Mulan film trailer, too, and get a taste of the action.

Watch Mulan on Disney Plus Premier Access

Watch Mulan on Disney Plus Premier Access | Available now
Mulan can be watched on Disney Plus from 4 September, 2020, on Premier Access. Premier Access costs $29.99 / £19.99 and unlocks the epic new movie for ever in the user's Disney Plus account. Mulan is exclusively for Disney Plus Premier Access subscribers at launch, and is available in UHD, HDR and with Dolby Audio.

In our Disney Plus review we gave the streaming service a maximum score of 5 stars, and said it delivered "out of this world content". And now, with Premier Access, subscribers can stream the movie before anyone else.

We really liked the classic Mulan animation, and this live-action version looks even more epic, so T3 for one will be tuning in on 4 September, 2020. Check out the film's trailer now to get the hype. 

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