Discord is receiving a "major overhaul" on Android, here's what you need to know

Android now able to compete with iOS and desktop

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Discord is rolling out a "major overhaul" on Android devices that will help the operating system receive new updates just as fast as those on iOS and desktop.  

As confirmed in a Discord blog post, Android users will now receive features simultaneously with its competitors while any bug fixes will equally be implemented in a much more timely fashion thanks to a new consolidated process. This has been made possible by Discord now utilising React Native, an open-source UI network. 

Specific patterns will remain across Android and iOS, however, the designs of each app will much more closely resemble one another. Anyone new to Android who downloads Discord from today will notice a larger font, similar to iOS. This can be changed in the settings menu, however. 

This new revamp will be available on Android over the next couple of weeks, so there's a chance the new upgrade has already been implemented on your device. 

"Historically, work on the Android implementation of new features would often be delayed until desktop and iOS were completed, resulting in some features that launched first on one platform before eventually arriving on another one," reads the blog post. "Switching to React Native for the Android app means an experience that is ever-improving at a more rapid pace across every platform Discord is available on. 

It was also noted that "Android users will also enjoy the benefits of faster app update release cycles"  due to the development team not having to focus on two different codebases for different devices. 

For those that are unaware, Discord is a free messaging and chat application where you can make voice calls video calls and message friends. It was originally designed for groups in the games community – I know lots of PlayStation 5 players that check in daily. Since launching in 2015, Discord has seen huge growth, now boasting approximately 150 million monthly active users and almost 400 users globally. 

Meanwhile, in the iOS space, Apple recently launched an extremely rare promotional deal that offers a major incentive for anyone thinking of purchasing an Apple TV. 

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