Denon's 8K AVC-X6800H receiver proves home cinema is very much alive and kicking

11.4-channels, spatial audio support, and much more

Denon AVC-X6800H
(Image credit: Denon)

With the rise of soundbars and TVs with ever-more impressive audio talents, you could be forgiven for thinking that true home cinema was dead. You'd be wrong.

As good as a Dolby Atmos-supporting bar can be, it will never truly replace a full surround sound system. If you want the next best thing to sitting in a theatre, placing speakers all around you is a good bet.

That's why the newly-announced Denon AVC-X6800H exists. It offers 11.4-channels of amplification (up to 13.4 in preamplifier mode), Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced, and Auro 3D support, and can pass 8K video with just about every flavour of HDR you can imagine.

It is a beast of a machine and the ideal centrepoint for any true home entertainment solution.

Denon AVC-X6800H

(Image credit: Denon)

There are seven HDMI inputs on the rear, with 8K support on each, plus three HDMI outputs (two with 8K) to feed a TV, projector or another device. The ports also feature HLG, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Dynamic HDR pass-through, and are HDCP 2.3-enabled. You also get the complete suite of audio connections, of course, so you can plug in just about every source possible.

Power output is rated at up to 205W per channel (6 ohm, 1kHz, 1% 1ch drive), while power consumption is claimed to be 750W.

Setup is easy using an automated system and an Audyssey MultiEQ microphone. There is also Denon's own HEOS multiroom system support, so you can share audio with other HEOS-enabled speakers around the home.

It also means you can stream music and the like from a number of different audio streaming services. A USB port on the front can be used to play Hi-Res Audio tracks from an external memory stick or HDD. Compatibility with 360 Reality Audio is also available.

The Denon AVC-X6800H AV amplifier will be available in silver and black colour, from authorised Denon retailers around the globe.

It'll be priced at £3,000 in the UK, €3,500 in central European countries.

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