Get 3 months of FREE music on Deezer to share with all your family!

Make big savings on a Deezer Family account and get access to millions of great tunes for you and your whole family

Deezer 3 months free music with Deezer Family
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Looking for an incredible music bargain that could bring harmony (and melody) into your household? For a limited period, music streaming service, Deezer is offering three months free, unlimited, ad-free access to its Family subscription. 

That means that you and up to five family members can enjoy unlimited music, podcasts and radio. You each get an account, so you don’t have to worry about the kids deleting your playlists or upsetting grandpa with their musical tastes. Or yours, come to that.

Deezer offers 56 million songs, podcasts and even live radio channels. If you’re a Family subscriber, there are no ads, and you also have the option to save tracks on phones and other devices for offline listening. That means you can continue to enjoy your favourite music and podcasts even when you don’t have an internet connection.

• Subscribe to Deezer Family and get 3 months free. The offer is available until June 30!

We are family

Deezer Family free 3-month trial

Deezer Family lets you all listen together…

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Deezer Family fits any type of family. It doesn’t even matter if you have kids. As long as you have multiple people living together in the same household, each one of you can get your own account, with just one subscription.

However, Deezer Family really shines when you do have children. That's because Deezer throws in parental controls, so your kids won't be able to listen to anything inappropriate or sweary. Well, not on Deezer, anyway.

For younger ones, special kids' profiles offer child-friendly content for under 12s. The music is a great selection of age-appropriate lullabies and tween tracks.

You can go your own way

Deezer Family also lets you listen just to the music you love

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Deezer Family includes up to six completely independent profiles, with their own playlists, favourites and Flow. The latter is an infinite stream of songs old and new, tailored to your tastes by Deezer. Everyone also gets a personalised home page and recommendations, so you don’t have to share the same playlist as your kids – good news for all of your sakes.

This isn't just handy for houses containing multiple people, it also means you can play your favourite tunes via a wide variety of devices. That could be anything from smart TVs to home speakers – you can control music with your voice on Alexa-compatible speakers – gaming setups, or even compatible wearables.

Bottom line: Deezer Family lets you all consume music from a great range of devices, both alone and as a group. When you want to listen together, you can, but when you only want to listen to the music you love, Deezer Family is still there for you.

Come together

Deezer Family’s killer features in a handy list format…

  • You can enjoy millions of tunes, live radio and podcasts without adverts Up to six individual Deezer profiles, each with your own favourites and recommendations, picked just for you.
  • Music streaming on up to 13 total connected devices, with voice control via Amazon Alexa. You can also switch between profiles on any Google Home device.
  • If you're listening to drive time playlists in the car while other family members are listening at home, that's no problem – all streams are independent of each other.
  • A shared ‘Family Mix’ of all of your favourite tunes combined
  • Lyrics to sing-along to. Follow the words to your favorite songs in real-time on mobile and desktop, or turn your TV into a karaoke jukebox with Google Chromecast and join in together
  • Built-in song recognition feature SongCatcher can identify any song you hear being played around you. You can then add the track to your Deezer playlists!

What's, uh, the deal?

Everyone gets their own profiles and playlists

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In June only, Deezer is offering new customers 3 months of Deezer Family completely free. It's usually £14.99 per month so you save just shy of £45 in total.

You can also get a three-month free trial of Deezer Premium (usually £9.99 per month) or Deezer HiFi, which offers CD quality tracks, now at a newly reduced price of £14.99 per month.

• Subscribe to Deezer Family and get 3 months free. Offer ends June 30!

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