Deezer’s research proves it: music is helping people get through lockdown

It’s reducing loneliness, getting you motivated and even soundtracking sex

Deezer 3 months free music
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Today, we are spending more time than ever at home. It’s caused us to look again at what’s important, and consequently, music listening at home has gone through the roof. Great music has always had the power to lift spirits and bring us together, and that’s needed more than ever right now. Enter Deezer (which it just so happens you can try free for three months, right now).

The music streaming service has not only been supplying the masses with great music, podcasts and playlists aimed squarely at the lockdown listener. It’s also conducted a survey of 11,000 people, in a bid to understand how music has helped them during this period. 

Not surprisingly, there was a big connection between music and improving our mood. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak started…

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• 81% of people surveyed say they have used music to help them feel better during the virus outbreak.

• 61% have used music to chill out.

• 73% feel that music has lifted their mood during lockdown.

• 52% listen to music to motivate themselves

• 30% feel music has helped them process their emotions during lockdown.

Two themes that emerged very strongly were using music to deal with loneliness and to enhance romance. No, that’s not a euphemism. Well, perhaps in a way it is as, for instance, 45% of Millennials and 46% of Gen X have rock and rolled all night, to a favourite make-out playlist.

More seriously, 19% of Gen Z and 17% of Millennials have experienced a significant downturn in mood since the first two weeks of lockdown. To help combat this, 19% of Gen Z listen to audiobooks to sleep and 24% listen to music to combat loneliness.

Interestingly, people aged 45-54 seem to be coping better and are mainly using music to chill out (59%).

The sounds of lockdown

People have been feeling calmer with Deezer’s Yoga & Meditation playlist

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Deezer’s playlists for chilling out and motivation have also seen a huge spike in popularity since the launch of its At Home channel in March.

Streams of Mellow Days increased by 335% in April/May, while Sports Motivation and Feel Good were the two most streamed in the channel worldwide. Streams of Deezer’s Yoga & Meditation playlist also grew by 366% in a week, as people looked to re-centre.

Other findings from this period are that, to put it simply, people are craving music more than ever.

• 57% say they have listened to more music since the outbreak

• 42% have been discovering new music and podcasts through streaming service recommendations

As well as serving up 56 million songs, podcasts and even live radio channels, without adverts, Deezer has been busy during lockdown. It’s brought artists closer to their fans during a time when they can’t perform live gigs with the likes of Deezer Home Sessions, Stay at home with… and Work out with… playlist series.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to workout with Kelly Rowland or have Calvin Harris DJ at your House Party, now is your chance.

Good news!

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You can sample all Deezer has to offer right now, for free.

Deezer is offering new customers 3 months of its Deezer Family, Deezer Premium, Deezer Student or HiFi subscription, completely free. You could save up to £14.99 per month for the 3-month trial period.

• Subscribe to Deezer and get 3 months free. Offer ends June 30!

*Deezer OnePoll survey of 11,000 people worldwide (2,000 people in UK, US, FR, DE and BR and 1,000 in MENA)

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