Dare we say the Tesla Cybertruck looks cool in camo?

Ironically, winter camouflage makes the all-electric truck look less like a sci-fi tank

Tesla Cybertruck wrapped in camouflage
(Image credit: Tenet)

The much-talked-about Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted zipping around San Francisco wrapped in a camouflage vinyl wrap. And, we'll be honest, it makes the angular design look a lot better.

The weird bit is that the all-electric vehicle isn't yet available to the public, with production being beset with delays and issues since its ill-fated launch in late 2019. So why is there one being driven around California, and with a pimped-up exterior design, to boot?

One theory is that car manufacturers often wrap prototype vehicles in a form of camouflage before testing them on public roads. That's not so people won't notice (it's not an arctic landscape or jungle, after all) but to obscure other features.

Whether that's the case this time though, considering we've already seen the EV a few times - with and without windows - is debatable.

Another is that this could be one of the design options when Tesla finally puts the Cybertruck on general sale. Tesla itself has previously said that customers will be able to choose different paint jobs/vinyl wraps.

Either way, the picture of the unique vehicle going about its business was posted by EV finance company Tenet on its Twitter feed (via SlashGear), so it could be that it is progressing towards a full release at some point.

An additional video was also grabbed of a similar or the same camo-clad Cybertruck in Mountain View (home of Google) and posted on Reddit.

It was actually spotted at the drive-through window of an In-N-Out Burger, so at least we know the journey made the driver peckish. Oh, and that it fits the width of an average drive-through lane, of course.

Cybertruck spotted from r/teslamotors

Whatever the reason for its travels, we're happy it's been seen and shared. It certainly makes the odd-shaped electric flatbed a little more appealing. Not that we really need those kinds of goods delivery vehicles in the UK - not as much as the sun-baked landscapes of California, anyway.

Now all we need is for someone to release a vinyl wrap for our Mega Tesla Cybertruck construction set. We do love to build the odd collectable every now and then and there's nowt so odd as Musk's flatbed.

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