Cue wearable device measures testosterone and fertility

As well as those all-important vitamin D levels

Cue is the next generation of wearable developed in San Diego that effectively allows you to carry a doctor around with you.

Activity trackers and wearable health tech gadgets are well and truly here. But while the likes of the Jawbone UP24 and Nike+ Fuelband SE are essentially glorified pedometers, a US-based company has developed a new device designed to measure much more

Cue, located in San Diego, has developed a 3-inch wearable device that is designed to measure testosterone levels, fertility, inflammation, influenza and vitamin D levels.

The device, also named Cue after the company, does this through single-use cartridges that analyse saliva, blood or nasal fluid for various different ailments. The information is then sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

So, for example, the fertility cartridge will analyse a user's Luteinizing hormone which helps increase chances of conception.

As you'd expect, the Cue isn't being suggested as a replacement for an actual doctor, but rather another way of measuring and keeping track of your health for yourself. And, in doing so, setting the bar interestingly high for any forthcoming wearable tech.

Cue isn't set to ship until Spring 2015 (providing it's cleared by the FDA in the States), but that hasn't stop the firm taking pre-orders to the tune of $149 (£89) for the first 1,000 orders and $199 (£118) from then onwards.

Want to see more? Check out the video below:

By: Miamii Mansour



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