CRKD follows Nitro Deck with NES-style retro controllers for mobile

CRKD Neo S is great for gaming on a phone, Switch or PC

CRKD Neo S controllers
(Image credit: CRKD)

CRKD has followed-up its first product, the popular Nitro Deck, with a second retro-inspired controller. But this time it's fairly universal, working with mobile phones, PCs and Smart TVs, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

That's because it connects wirelessly using Bluetooth. Unlike comparable controllers though, the CRKD Neo S features Hall effect thumbsticks, so offers more precise movement and robustness. The technology is also renowned to be impervious to stick drift.

Like the manufacturer's Nitro Deck, which is a pro case for the Switch, the Neo S comes with remappable buttons on the rear. That means you can assign extra controls or movements that are easier to reach.

The thumb caps are also replaceable, so if they wear down or you prefer a different style, you can change them with other options.

Perhaps surprisingly for small form factor gamepads, the Neo S controller also has vibration and motion control functionality, so you can use it with Switch games that require sensitive movement. And there's a Turbo Mode built in which can transform any of the buttons into a rapid fire trigger.

"Our launch of the Nitro Deck was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community, and we’re excited to grow the brand further with the announcement of the Neo S," said the CEO of parent company Embracer Freemode, Lee Guinchard.

"An ideal companion to the Nitro Deck, we believe the Neo S sits apart from the sea of mediocre controller designs available, presenting a highly collectible product which houses an array of advanced features."

The CRKD Neo S controller will be available from April in nine different designs, including a retro gold edition that's similar to the original NES pad. There are also transparent plastic models, plus three with pop art-inspired decals – Splatter, Blossom and Junkyard.

They each cost £49.99 at launch and are available to pre-order on the CRKD website now.

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