Citroen C4 Cactus launches with 'Airbump' and touchscreen dashboard

Concept launches as real-world car with air-filled bumpers...

The Citroen C4 Cactus is uniquely connected to technology, not just because of what's on board but also because parts of it were inspired by the iPhone

Citroen has unveiled the new C4 Cactus, a new compact car that boasts completely unique iPhone-inspired 'Airbump' air-filled bumpers as well as an entirely digital interface on the dashboard.

The car is heavily centered around technology with an all-digital dashboard consisting of a 7-inch touchscreen display in the centre console letting you access car functions from navigation to music to adjusting the air conditioning.

Behind the wheel is a smaller digital display which shows speed along with mileage, lights and the gear your in with physical buttons being restricted to the steering wheel and some essential functions below the centre console.

The Cactus also comes with Citroen's Multicity Connect system which uses a 3G connection to locate nearby fuel stations, update the navigation system on traffic or even use Trip Advisor to find the nearest POI.

Naturally there's as much tech on the outside as there is inside so the Cactus comes with automated parking assist which will find a suitable space and then steer into the space for you.

There's also reversing cameras and a completely new 'Smart Wash' system which places the windscreen washer jets in the blades of the wipers rather than mounted onto the car.

Citroen C4 Cactus Airbump

Of course the most notable feature of the car is the Airbump accents which are dotted around the exterior. Speaking at the launch Citroen's Design Director Alexandre Malvale confessed the idea had come from the iPhone after he realised that so many people were taking design-focused products and then covering them in cases.

To answer this they incorporated the safety features into the design resulting in the Airbump, a small air-filled bumper which can be customised whilst also providing protection against small bumps and grazes.

The new car is almost identical to the Citroen Cactus concept which the company first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013.

Due to be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few months the C4 Cactus will have a UK release date as soon as June 2014 however there's no word on pricing as yet.

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