Circular Ring Slim is thin, light and has its own AI wellness assistant

Circular launches the Ring Slim, the thinnest and lightest smart ring to date

Circular Ring Slim launch
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Smart ring company, Circular, has just announced the arrival of the new Circular Ring Slim, the thinnest and lightest smart ring to date. Building on the success of the original Circular Ring, the Circular Ring Slim has been optimised with better fitness and wellness features, and comes with its very own AI wellness assistant.

Smart rings have started to emerge as one of the most popular forms of technology, which is saying a lot considering how popular the best smartwatches are. Rather than sitting around your wrist, smart rings sit on the finger to track your fitness, wellness and health, all without using a screen (see what is a smart ring? for more details).

This new type of tracking tech has started to gain momentum, thanks to the likes of Oura, the Ultrahuman Ring Air and rumours of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring. Now, Circular has continued to cement its place in the smart ring market with the new Circular Ring Slim.

Pioneers of smart ring technology, Circular is working to create the next generation of remote monitoring solutions for consumers and health professionals. The brand started with the original Circular Ring which was created as an alternative to bulky and gadget-looking wearable devices. With its new Circular Ring Slim, the brand’s second smart ring is the slimmest and lightest smart ring on the market and has updated and personalised fitness and wellness features.

Designed to be worn constantly, the Circular Ring Slim weighs only 2 grams and has a 2.2mm thickness. Despite its slimness, the Circular Ring Slim claims to be one of the most precise health trackers with its advanced sensors, and puts physical activities and mental wellness at the forefront of its design.

The Circular Ring Slim has a three-axis accelerometer count, advanced PPG sensors with three different LED lights and a surface temperature sensor. All this combined captures and monitors a range of health and wellness statistics, including movement, blood oxygen levels, sleep and heart rate. It uses and assesses seven biometrics and 142 derived markers to help users live healthier lives both throughout the day and the night.

Circular Ring Slim on a man's finger

(Image credit: Circular)

Expanding into AI, the Circular Ring Slim has its own AI-powered health and wellness assistant, called Kira+. Kira+ uses the latest generative AI language models to constantly analyse the Circular Ring Slim’s data and gets to know its user by asking questions about your daily habits and preferences. When it has this information, Kira+ will then provide you with personalised health information and recommendations in a simple and conversational way. Kira+ lives in the Circular app and is free without any monthly subscription fees.

Other notable features include a six day battery life, 20 days of on-board memory and haptic navigation. The Circular Ring Slim also uses haptic vibrations which provide feedback and alerts for multiple features, including medication reminders and guided breathing exercises.

Seeing the advancements in smart rings is exciting, but I have been worried that brands will start to put a screen on them. The lack of screen has always been a big plus for me, and the introduction of wellness assistants like Kira+ hopefully means that smart rings can stay screen-free.

The Circular Ring Slim is available to pre-order today for £199.

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