Chinese company offering replica Iron Man suits

Will cost you $2,000 and you'll have to wait eight months

Gone are the days when coming dressed in a full Darth Vader or Stormtrooper costume was enough to prove your geek credentials.

Now Chinese company Iron Man Factory is offering to make you a full-body Iron Man costume complete with glowing lights.

The catch? You'll need to stump up $2,000 for each Mark III suit. In addition, you're likely to be waiting for around eight months while they are made and shipped.

If you're less patient, you can also speed things up by ordering the 3D printed version. The downside? It'll set you back $35,000 (£21,399) or the price of decently specced out family saloon.

According to CNET, the suits will be made with injection-moulded pieces reinforced with polymer. A sensor on the side of the helmet will also allow wearers to open the helmet Iron Man style, while batteries provide the glow.

Even if you happen to have $2,000 (£1,223) lying around, there are some other restrictions. The suit will only fit people between 5ft 6 (164cm) and 6ft 1 (185cm).

And that doesn't even take into account the fact that Iron Man Factory hasn't licensed the design or name from Marvel Studios. Even if it did, it would only push up the price of the suit.

When questioned about the legality of the suit, it said: “We will only charge your credit card when your order is shipped and we will still ship out all orders no matter what.”

A video of the suit has been pulled by Marvel Entertainment suggesting that it has already begun legal action against the company.

Image Credit: CNET/YouTube

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