Cheap 4K monitor deals: LG's 24" FreeSync 4K gaming monitor gets a $50 price drop

LG's 24" FreeSync 4K gaming monitor got a hefty $50 price drop

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PC gamers looking to upgrade to a cheap 4K gaming monitor are in luck! Amazon has an awesome deal that takes 15% off LG's 24" FreeSync 4K gaming monitor – on sale for just $297!

A solid choice for anyone looking to take their visuals to the next level, LG's 4K gaming monitors are often considered some of the best gaming monitors for their value on the market.

Now: $296.99 | Was: $349.99 | Savings: $53 (15%)
LG 24UD58-B 24" Fr...

Now: $296.99 | Was: $349.99 | Savings: $53 (15%)
An excellent offer on one of LG's latest 4K gaming monitors, grab this FreeSync-ready IPS 4K display on sale for just $267 right now at Amazon. Enjoy your games like never before with improved clarity, enhanced colors, and response times that'll make you sing hallelujah!

LG's 24UD58 4K monitor features an IPS panel that delivers an incredlbe level of detail and clarity. Combined with a 60Hz refresh rate and AMD's FreeSync technology, games will look and feel better than ever. You may be thinking "only 60Hz?", but for most that is going to be more than enough for 4K gaming.

Running at a higher frame rate than 60Hz right now requires a very pricey setup, which most of us probably can't afford just yet (or can't upgrade thanks to the shortages of CPUs and GPUs). If you game often but aren't in need of the unleashed 144Hz setup, LGs' 4K FreeSync gaming monitor is a perfect solution to upgrading your current setup for a bit more responsiveness and clarity. 

Supporting UHD 4K resolutions, gamers can bump up the settings a bit and enjoy crystal clear high definition gaming – granted you've got the setup to support 4K resolutions. While most GPUs released within the past 3 years will do fine, you'll want to make sure you're setup can take advantage of this resolution.

AMD's latest GPUs all support FreeSync, so if you're running AMD this bad boy will pair perfectly with them. FreeSync offers an amazing alternative to standard V-Sync settings, allowing the monitor to adjust frame times and frame rates dynamically to ensure smooth gameplay no matter what frame rate you're running.

This deal is an excellent value for the price, and offers gamers a chance to step into 4K without breaking the bank. Many alternatives will cost you around $400 for a comparable setup, so jump on this deal before it's over.

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