Campfire Audio’s gorgeous new earbuds are out of this world

Only 888 sets will be made of the good-looking Moon Rover in-ear monitors

Campfire Audio Moon Rover
(Image credit: Campfire Audio)
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The new Moon Rover IEMs are a limited edition of 888 sets and feature a shimmery iridescent colour. The Campfire Audio Moon Rovers are available now and cost  £1,199 / $1,199.

Campfire Audio has released its best-looking pair of in-ear monitors yet – and the design is out of this world. The new Moon Rover headphones boast a shimmery, iridescent colour on their titanium shells that means the buds look as good as they sound.

Each set is handmade and there will only be 888 Moon Rovers made.

We've been impressed by other versions of Campfire Audio's in-ear monitors, which deliver superb sound. The firm says that the sound signature of the new Moon Rovers is "reference-like", so it should deliver excellent clarity: Campfire says that this is "the most neutral, analytical sound signatures of the current line-up". 

Campfire Audio Moon Rover in-ear monitors: key features and price

The Moon Rovers come with large 12mm magnetic planar dynamic drivers, and according to Campfire they deliver "a previously unseen level of rapid impulse response" as well as class-leading accuracy. The frequency response is a subterranean 5Hz to 20kHz, impedance is 22.5 ohms at 1kHz, and harmonic distortion is below 1%. 

The iridescent colours are the result of changing temperatures during the manufacturing process, and those changes produce rich blue, purple and yellow shades. Rather than hide the screws Campfire Audio has made them a feature by gold plating them, and the headphone spout is made from hard coated PVD steel.

Campfire's IEMs are straight outta Portland, Oregon, and they're a key player in the the best wired headphones market. Other than the actual headphones that they make, one of the things that makes them interesting and entertaining is the whole ownership experience, which is designed to delight from the moment you get the box in your hands. And that's apparent here: your IEMs come in a hand-made waxed leather case that contains a selection of tips, a lapel pin, the 3.5mm cable and a microfibre cleaning cloth. 

As with their other headphones that premium experience comes with a premium price tag, albeit a slightly lower one than some of their other buds: the Campfire Audio Moon Rovers are £1,199/$1,199. You can order yours now from Campfire's website or from selected retailers.

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