Call of Duty fans may need a new PS5 SSD to play MWIII

How big is too big?

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The Call of Duty games have a reputation for being hard drive eaters, but if you're planning on picking up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 when it drops on the 8th of November you might also need to treat yourself to one of the best PS5 SSD's

That's because according to industry tipster PlayStation Game Size the latest installment in the Goliath FPS franchise weighs in at a whopping 140GB, and that's just if you want to play the campaign. The single-player mode is in reality only around 50GB in size, but you'll also need to install the Call of Duty HQ launcher onto your console, which is a hefty 90GB. If you've been playing Warzone or other recent COD games you might have the HQ already installed but newcomers (or those like me who bit the bullet and deleted the games for space) will need to keep a huge chunk of space available. 

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Of course, the main component of COD games is the online multiplayer, which will likely make the game's size even larger. Thankfully recent installments have seen the series offer the abilty to separately install only the content you want, here's hoping that's the case again. 

You do have to ask yourself though, why are Call of Duty games so consistently large? Updates add-ons and patches brought Modern Warfare 2 to over 150GB, and it looks like this year's installment will push 200GB when fully assembled. Spiderman 2, a truly stunning-looking game is only 86GB while Starfield, a game which includes a whole galaxy of planets, was deemed large at 126GB on Xbox Series X and 139GB on Windows. 

At least the new PS5 Slim comes with an improved 1TB SSD storage, if you want to play anything other than Call of Duty, you're gonna need it. 

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