Brisk It adds AI to its smart grills to take the guesswork out of barbecuing

Brisk It upgrades its Origin Smart Grills with new AI virtual assistant

Brisk It Vera
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Brisk It has just launched Vera, its new generative AI virtual assistant for grilling. For an easier and more professional grilling experience, Vera creates recipes, offers grilling tips and helps control your Brisk It Smart Grill.

Vera is available on the Brisk It app and is compatible with Origin-580 and Origin-940 Smart Grills. 

Smart grill company, Brisk It has officially launched its new generative AI virtual assistant, Vera. Now available on the Brisk It app, Vera is designed to help beginner and expert grillers achieve the best grilling results every time.

2024 is the year of smart barbecues, with many of the big name brands adding smart and AI technology to its collections. With the introduction of Wi-Fi and app connectivity to the best barbecues, you can now control your grilling via your smartphone so you don’t have to hover over your barbecue or wonder what’s going on under the lid.

With this technology in mind, Brisk It announced its plans for Vera, its advanced virtual assistant, at CES earlier this year. As explained by Brisk It CEO, Christopher Huang, the idea behind Vera is to revolutionise the grilling experience: “Grilling can seem a daunting task, but with Vera, it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is get a prompt started and Vera will do the rest for you, from figuring out what to eat to cooking the food.”

Expanding on Brisk It’s InnoGrill technology, Vera connects to your Brisk It smart grill and creates recipes, offers grilling advice and takes care of the cooking process for you. For all kinds of grillers, Vera is meant to take the stress and guesswork out of barbecuing, as it provides real-time monitoring and cooking assistance, and can fully automate the cooking process.

Similar to Alexa, you can ask Vera questions in real-time and it’ll come up with suggestions or full custom recipes. For example, you can ask Vera what you can make with the ingredients you have at hand, and the virtual assistant will come up with a recipe and tell you how to cook it… or it can do the grilling for you.

Brisk It Vera

(Image credit: Brisk It)

How the automated cooking process works is Vera’s AI manages and adapts the grill according to the recipe and the progress of the food inside a Brisk It Smart Grill. It does this by controlling the timings and temperatures, and can even react and respond to ensure your food comes out perfectly, even if something goes wrong.

I’m always a little sceptical when it comes to AI-powered appliances but as someone who’s a bit of a nervous cook, I think the idea behind Vera is extremely clever. For people who don’t know what they’re doing with grilling or for those who want to be involved in their party and not tied to the grill, Brisk It’s Vera can definitely solve these problems.

Vera is available through the Brisk It app now, and is compatible with the Origin-580 and Origin-940 Smart Grills.

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