Bose's best 5-star headphones suddenly return to lowest-ever price

Pick up the QueitComfort Ultra headphones from Bose at their lowest-ever Amazon price

Even if you only take a quick glance at our list of the best headphones on the market right now, you can see the competition is fierce. It's a crowded field, which is why the Bose QuietComfort Ultra do so well to stand out – and especially at $379, the lowest-ever price they've been on sale at Amazon.

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It's a reduction of $50 off the previous price, which is a great deal for the best Bose headphones money can buy. It means you don't have to pay the top-end prices to get some top-end audio equipment wrapped around your ears, and the discount is available on all three color options: Black, Sandstone, and White Smoke.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones: were $429now $379 at Amazon

Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones: were $429, now $379 at Amazon

Spend your money on the Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones, and you're getting high-end audio with lots of personalization options, top class noise-cancelling (ANC), and battery life that can last an entire day. Even the built-in mics for making calls can't be faulted.

Buy something with the Bose label attached, and you get a certain level of quality guaranteed. The company has been making audio equipment for 60 years now, and all of that tradition and heritage can be heard through a pair of headphones such as  the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones. They're called 'Ultra' for a reason. 

These over-ears have the best active noise cancelling technology yet, meaning you can well and truly shut out the outside world. There's also an Immersive Audio mode that puts you and your ears right in the middle of whatever you happen to be listening to.

Battery life can go up to 24 hours, so you don't need to panic about always having a charging cable nearby. First and foremost though, it's the sheer brilliance of the audio that appeals here, and especially when you're getting the significant discount that we've already mentioned.

Perhaps you could put the money you save towards the cost of your monthly music streaming subscription – or maybe you want to treat yourself to some new LPs. Whatever the source of the audio you're listening to, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones should make sure it sounds as good as it possibly can do.

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