Bose QuietComfort 35, Beats Studio3 and Sony WH1000X have plunged

New Bose 700 ushers in lower prices on older Bose and the best noise cancelling headphones from rival brands

Best Bose noise cancelling headphones deal
(Image credit: Bose and Beats by Dr. Dre)

Looking for deals on great noise cancelling headphones from Bose and Beats by Dr Dre? Then today is your lucky day because Amazon (UK) and Best Buy (USA) have excellent deals on QuietComfort 35 II and Beats Studio 3 Wireless respectively.

• Buy Bose QuietComfort 35 II for £259 at Amazon UK – was £329 – save £70

• Buy Beats by Dr Dre Studio 3 Wireless for $279.99 at Best Buy – was $349.99, save $70

With Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 making a stir, we're seeing price cuts on Sony WH-1000XM3 and, logically enough, Bose's own, older QuietComfort 35 II. These vintage cans are now at their lowest ever price on Amazon, and elsewhere, and it's by no means certain they'll get any cheaper this side of Black Friday.

Meanwhile, across the pond, our American readers can enjoy $70 off Beats by Dr Dre's perennially underrated Studio3 Wireless, the noise-cancelling headphones that signalled that Beats under Apple was going to be a very different animal to Beats under, well, Dr Dre…

Bose QuietComfort 35 II £259 | RRP £329 | Save £70 at Amazon
Boasting fantastic noise cancelling abilities via wireless Bluetooth (though there is the option to plug in a cable, to save battery), the QuietComfort 35 Mk II is rightly a huge seller, and widely acclaimed. It kickstarted the current market for premium, Bluetooth, NC headphones, which is now the most lucrative sector of the audio market. Amazon is offering this price on the black, silver and rose gold editions of the  headphonesView Deal

Beats Studio 3 Wireless $280 | Was $350 | Save $70 at Best Buy
The quality of Beats' headphones was a little variable, shall we say, prior to Apple's takeover, but Studio3, the first proper new launch under the brand's new owner was and remains a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones. In terms of the ANC and overall sound quality, these are easily up there with Bose. The look is either more memorable or more garish depending on your taste.View Deal

Sony WH-1000XM3 £260 | Was £330 | Save £70 at Amazon
Don't forget this great deal on Sony's T3 Award-winning noise cancelling headphones either. View Deal

Why you should buy Bose QuietComfort 35 II

The Mk II version of QC35 adds a button to awake Google Assistant or Alexa, meaning that the headphones now excel as a music product, headset for making phone calls, and a sort of AI butler. 

Active noise cancelling is absolutely superb. It can be dialled up or down via the app to suit your location, and there is also a button to allow audio passthrough, so you can talk to your aeroplane's air crew, for instance, without the tiresome need to remove your headphones.

The sound quality with ANC on is very good indeed. It's perhaps not as exciting as the rival noise cancellers from, Sony, Beats or Bowers & Wilkins, but it's very listenable, and not tiring. Comfort is exemplary and the battery lasts 20 hours or so per charge. 

Bose QuietComfort 35 II basically invented the market for premium wireless, noise-cancelling headphones. All the other brands have been scrabbling to catch up ever since, and the QC35 II remains a stunning pair of headphones, and probably the most successful of the last decade in terms of units sold and $£ generated. 

Even Bose themselves will tell you that, while the new Noise Cancelling 700 has several improved features, including touch controls and very clever enhancement of your speech for calls and AI assistants, the sound and noise cancelling in them is actually not that different from the QC35 II. 

Why you should buy Beats by Dr Dre Studio3 Wireless

These Apple-powered over-ear headphones boast astonishingly good active noise cancelling (ANC) which actually adapts to your surroundings. The Studio3 Wireless detects different types of noise and then terminates them with extreme prejudice, quelling everything from aeroplane cabin noise to office 'banter' to, most impressive of all, gusts of wind. And wind is like Kryptonite to most ANC headphones.

Audio retains the usual Beats sonic characteristics – bassy and forceful – but in a way more subtle manner than previous headphones from the brand. These are truly musical. Battery life is 22 hours with ANC on and an insane 40 hours with it off. As usual with Beats headphones, a short charge will give you several hours more battery life. Pairing with Apple devices is super quick and slick thanks to Apple's equivalent of NFC. Not that it's exactly slow or clumsy when pairing with non-Apple devices, in the usual Bluetooth manner.