Bose QC45 headphones leak again, this time in Bose's own app…

The QC45 are the worst-kept secret in headphones, and must be coming soon based on their regular appearances

Bose QC45 leak
(Image credit: Bose)

It has only been a matter of days since the officially unannounced Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones leaked in FCC photos, but now these craft cans have slipped through the security net again. The Bose Music app, which is used to manage settings on all of Bose's latest headphones models, now shows the QC45 as a model you can set up there… if only you could buy one.

This almost certainly isn't some random glitch with the QC35, because that used Bose's older app for management – this is the first time QuietComfort over-ear headphones have appeared in the new app, and there's no question that this is the red carpet being rolled out for a product launch. It just maybe shouldn't have been rolled out just yet.

Bose QC45 leak

Here's the full screengrab from the Bose Music app. Doesn't leave much room for interpretation…

(Image credit: Bose)

The image confirms again that we're expecting the new headphones to look extremely like the Bose QC35, down to the placement of the buttons. This will make a lot of people happy, because the QC35 has a huge amount of fans to this day, even if it's long since been knocked off the top of our list of the best noise cancelling headphones but newer devices with more advanced tech inside.

The leaked images from the FCC showed that the model is being updated with USB-C, though, and we'd expect new drivers and sound cancelling tech inside too – similar outside, but all change where it really matters.

We're hoping that the older design means it won't be a super-premium price, and will take on the likes of the Sony WH-1000XM3 in the more mid-range arena, where some extra competition would be very welcome.

In any case, we suspect that we'll find out pretty soon – the world seems to be expecting the QC45 to be unveiled imminently. If only Bose could apply its noise-cancelling techniques to images too…

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