Bose is attempting something different with its leaked clip-on earbuds

A whole new direction for earbud design

MySmartPrice Bose open-ear buds
(Image credit: MySmartPrice)

Bose might have just had one of its surprises at CES gazumped, as leaked images show off what appears to be a pretty interesting-looking revamp of its Open Ear earbuds. 

What had previously been aimed at sporty types may now have a more lifestyle-focused design, one that involves a really kooky new look that can be quite hard to visualise in the ear. 

Thankfully, the team at MySmartPrice doesn't just have renders, but also some lifestyle shots that show how the G-shaped earbuds will hook under the ear to rest in the outer ear, presumably quite comfortably. 

MySmartPrice Bose Open Ear Clips lifestyle

(Image credit: MySmartPrice / Bose)

The new earbuds will seemingly be called the Open Ear Clips TWS, with that Clips part of the name seeming apt given the way they'll hang out of the ear almost like earrings. 

They'll provide solid sound, you'd assume, given Bose's pedigree, but won't block the ear canal at all, making them ideal for navigating through busy places without losing your sense of awareness. 

There's no denying that these are a really interesting-looking set of earbuds, but until Bose itself actually unveils them we're in the dark in more than a few key areas.

We don't have any indication of pricing at the moment, or indeed when they'll release, and it'll also be very interesting to learn more about their prospective sound quality and battery life, as well as what their case looks like since it's in none of the leaked images. 

We're assuming they won't be priced in the same bracket as noise-cancelling wonders like the recent QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds, which are stunning but also very much a premium option. 

Still, that lifestyle image doesn't suggest they'll be bargain-priced, either, so we'll have to wait for official word to learn more. For those who want classy earbuds that don't require a firm seal in their ear canal, they could be a really good option. 

The good news is that with CES now in full swing, it's likely to be a very short wait, since Bose will probably be taking the wraps off the Open Ear Clips before the show is over, so keep checking back to find out more. 

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