Cheap Bose deals don’t come cheaper: Bose QuietComfort headphones are HALF PRICE

QC25 over-ear noise cancelling cans, QC20 in-ear noise cancelling buds and SoundSport workout buds are all officially Peak Cheap Bose

Best Bose headphones deals

Bose headphones and earbuds are in such a dominant position in the market that people are very interested in even their older cans, especially if the price is right. For the past 4 months, the price has been very right indeed, as one pair after another plunges to half its long-standing RRP, at selected retailers. We don't know if this is Bose or the retailer (usually Amazon) dumping stock in preparation for new releases, but we do know it makes it a good time to buy.

Why, who could resist deals such as these?

• Bose QuietComfort 25 over ear noise cancelling headphones for IOS devices was £289.95 now £139.95 at Amazon UK – save 52%

• Bose QuietComfort 20 in ear noise cancelling headphones for iOS devices was £249.95 now £129.95 – save 48%

• Bose SoundSport in ear wired headphones for iOS devices was £89.95 now £44.95 direct from Bose – save 50%

You'll notice that all these are specifically for iOS devices – maybe everyone with an iPhone has bought AirPods, prompting this price cutting bonanza? The device-specific part of the headphones is the little remote control pad. You can hear music from an Android or other device but you may well find you can't control volume or take calls. 

There's a workaround for the QuietComfort 25, however: buy a replacement, Android specific cable from Bose for precisely £21.95.

"But what about the QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise cancelling headphones, T3?" We hear you thinking to yourselves. "That's the one we really want!" Well, we have some (quite) good news for you too…

• Bose QuietComfort 35 II over ear wireless noise cancelling headphones were £329.95 now £289 at Peter Tyson – save 12%

Best Bose over ear noise cancelling headphones deal

Bose QuietComfort QC25 for iOS | £139.95 | Was £289.95 | Save £150
Offering 35 hours of noise cancelling for under £140, this is a great little deal. These wired cans will continue to play music when the battery runs out, although sans noise cancelling. Because they're quite old, it actually takes a AAA battery rather than using a rechargeable, so it is easy to 'recharge' mid-flight, so long as you brought a spare. The noise cancelling is not on par with the QC35 II, but it is still very good, especially when dealing with plane and train noises. Audio quality and comfort are also excellent.View Deal

Best Bose in ear noise cancelling headphones deal

Again, this deal is on the iOS-compatible QC20 buds only

Bose QuietComfort 20 | £129.95 | Was £249.95 | Save £120
These wired, in-ear buds were quite revolutionary when they first appeared, offering the kind of noise cancelling hitherto found only on bulkier, over-ear cans. One big advantage of this is portability, and also comfort when resting your weary head on a long flight. A battery life of 16 hours is good for long haul. At very nearly half price, the QC20 is an excellent deal. So excellent, in fact, we have put it in italics for emphasis.View Deal

Best Bose running headphones deal

The SoundSport deal is again on iOS-compatible buds only, which may mean you cannot skip tracks or take calls on Android phones

Bose SoundSport for iOS | £44.95 | Was £89.95 | Save £55 (half price)
We wouldn't necessarily recommend wired buds for workouts, what with it being 2019 and everything – there are wireless and true wireless buds for this sort of thing now! – but these remain very solid, all-round listening buds, as well as doing a job when you're running or at the gym. Bose's in-ear hooks keep the SoundSport firmly anchored in place, without discomfort, they're water-resistant against sweat and rain and audio is easily good enough for casual listening in locations other than the gym. Colour choices are 'power' red, 'energy' green or 'classic' charcoal.View Deal

Bose QC35 II deal

"Hello? What's that? A deal on QC35 Mk II, you say?"

Bose QuietComfort 35 II | £289 | RRP £329 | Save £40
These Bose cans turned the headphone market on its head, and are the reason Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling now make more money than every other type put together. The noise cancelling is excellent, audio is excellent, battery life is excellent, and they come in a choice of grey or black – excellent. A 'special button' lets you summon Google Assistant, too. Battery life is 20 hours (or 40 hours if you defy convention and use the QC35 II with an audio cable).View Deal